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Avoid a Speeding Offence
Our Road Traffic Law Barristers cover Bournemouth, Poole, Weymouth
and right across the South Coast

If you are at risk of having your driving licence suspended or have been summoned to court for speeding, drink driving or any other motoring offences,
call Avoid A Ban now on 01202 885 821 to improve your chances of avoiding a driving ban.

Our expert Road Traffic Barristers will offer you the appropriate advice and guidance throughout the entire legal process.
We will assess the details of your driving offence with you, and help you build the best possible arguments with regards to your circumstances.
We will then present your case to the Court, with the aim of avoiding a driving ban and helping you keep your licence.

Since we allow you to go directly to a Barrister, this streamlines the process and saves you money, as well as allowing your lawyer to advise you from the onset.
Many drivers choose to represent themselves if they’re caught speeding but there’s a risk they'll end up with a heavier penalty and greater court costs if their case is badly argued or ill-thought-out. That’s why it often makes sense to seek the advice of a lawyer with experience in road traffic law before deciding what to do.
Call Avoid A Ban and you’ll be advised by a Barrister with experience of helping drivers in Dorset, Wiltshire or Hampshire keep their licences,
for example by arguing exceptional hardship.

Avoid A Ban could increase your chances of keeping your licence after you’ve been charged with speeding or are at risk
of a totting up ban and keeping any penalty points and court costs to a minimum.

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Exceptional Hardship Arguments

All drivers in the UK will know that once you reach 12 penalty points it puts you in the position of facing a minimum six-month driving ban under the totting-up procedure.
We can, however, help you avoid this penalty and exceptional hardship. What has been found is that excellent training and an excellent presentation are the basis for a successful outstanding argument. In order to offer you the best possible chance to save your license, all appropriate data concerning your private and professional situations should be brought before the Court.

That is why we are giving you a detailed and thorough account to help you collect other information to support the arguments put before the Court. Our experience in dealing with unique difficulties will enable us to guide you through this process and to extract data that you may not necessarily understand.

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Penalty Points and Totting Up

Once you have reached a number of 12 penalty points on your driving licence for motoring offences that have been committed within three years of each other,
the Court will then ban your driving licence for a minimum of six months.
We suggest that the best way to avoid disqualification is to build a case around the personal implications it will have on your ability to commute to your place of work “exceptional hardship”. By obtaining our excellent legal representation, you will be able to explore more options for avoiding or reducing the length of a driving ban.

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We guarantee that every one of our Barristers is the most experienced in the business, and have the expertise to present exceptional hardship arguments in court
on your behalf. Our professionals aim to help the Court understand the full effects a driving ban may have on you and anyone who depends on you.

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