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Drink Driving Defences in Dorset

Have you ever been stopped for drink-driving?

If you have ever been stopped for drink driving or convicted for being over the legal limit, you will be disqualified from driving for at least 12 months, unless you can show ‘special reasons’ why the Court shouldn’t impose a ban. Our Expert Barristers will advise the best way forward, and whether special reasons will help you keep your licence.
Avoid A Ban provides direct access to a professional Barrister who will guide you throughout the entire legal process. They will help you understand the best options and how you can improve your chances of avoiding a driving ban. Avoid the additional cost of getting sent to a local Barrister through a law firm, and come straight to our expert Barristers.

Call Avoid A Ban, and we’ll talk you through your case in a straightforward, understandable way, then guide you through any pre-hearing preparation and, on the day of your hearing, represent you in court with a view to keeping penalties and costs to a minimum.

Arguing Your Special Reasons Case

Special reasons are a principle which states that even if someone is technically guilty of the crime, even for an offence such as drink driving where a ban is generally mandatory, the court may still not impose a ban.
If a defendant can prove that he or she had an unusual circumstance which meant that even though he or she committed the offence, he or she should not be disqualified from driving or receive points. The legal argument must be directly linked to the commission of offence and must be taken into account by the Court when imposing the penalty.
At Avoid A Ban, we will ensure your Special Case argument is thoroughly and expertly put together in order to deliver the best possible argument to the Court.

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Do I Need a Lawyer?

We understand a drink-driving ban can have a disastrous impact on your life and the lives of anyone who depends on your ability to drive. That’s why we recommend you speak to one of our Barristers before deciding what to do if you’re at risk of losing your licence.
Our expert team will help you understand the legal process and guide you through the various possibilities of making a Special Reasons argument to ensure you keep your licence.

It’s particularly important to seek legal advice if your drink driving offence involved any of the following:

  • a very high alcohol reading,
  • an accident,
  • injury to a passenger, another driver or a pedestrian, or
  • damage to property.

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