Drink Driving Penalties

Been stopped for drink-driving?

If you’re convicted of driving over the legal alcohol limit, you’ll be disqualified from driving for at least 12 months, unless you can show ‘special reasons’ why the Court shouldn’t impose a ban.

Our Barristers can advise whether special reasons might mean you can keep your licence and argue those reasons in Court on your behalf, with a view to avoiding a drink driving disqualification.

Avoid A Ban gives you direct access to a Barrister to advise and guide you throughout the legal process, explaining your options and how you might improve your chances of avoiding a driving ban. If you go through one of the national motoring law firms they may simply send your case to a local Barrister, so why not avoid the additional costs and complications this could involve and go straight to the Barrister instead?

Call Avoid A Ban and we’ll talk you through your case in a straightforward, understandable way, then guide you through any pre-hearing preparation and, on the day of your hearing, represent you in court with a view to keeping penalties and costs to a minimum.

Special Reasons Arguments

If you’re convicted of an offence involving mandatory disqualification (for example drink driving) you’ll lose your licence for at least 12 months, unless the Court finds ‘special reasons’ not to give you a driving ban.

What does and does not amount to a ‘special reason’ is narrowly defined, so it makes sense to speak to a lawyer experienced in this area of road traffic law for advice, then, if special reasons might apply, help you prepare your case and, in due course, present it to the Court.

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Do I Need a Lawyer?

We understand a drink-driving ban can have a disastrous impact on your life and the lives of anyone who depends on your ability to drive. That’s why we recommend you speak to one of our Barristers before deciding what to do if you’re at risk of losing your licence.

We can help you understand the legal process and explore the possibility of making a special reasons argument that may ensure you keep your licence.
It’s particularly important to seek legal advice if your drink driving offence involved any of the following:

  • a very high alcohol reading,
  • an accident,
  • injury to a passenger, another driver or a pedestrian, or
  • damage to property.

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